At the washing station all coffee cherries are processed.

The picked cherry has to be pulped of the day that it was harvested. The first step in washing coffee consists of separating the "floaters" from the "sinkers". The coffee floaters are sent directly to the patio to be dried and processed, while the ripe red cherries are sent to the pulper. Turning discs strip and separate the pulp from the beans. The pulp will be immediately discharged while the beans move directly to a simple bean size separator. 
The result are coffee beans in their parchment, a shell that will be removed later in the process. This parchment coffee is channeled to the fermentation tanks.

Overripe coffee cherries and undeveloped coffee cherries float in water while the ripe coffee cherries are dense and sink.


Washed processed coffee means that the beans are separated from the pulp on the same day they were harvested.